Advancement Campaign Programs

Campaign Preparedness Audit (CPA)

A vastly expanded (6-8 days) version of the AOA and recommended for institutions preparing to launch a multi-year campaign. Recommended to be conducted within 3 years of the launch of the pre-public phase of a 5+ year campaign. Learn more…

Pre-conversion Audit (PCA)

A 2.5-3.5 day audit/training experience designed to fully prepare an organization for a major development system conversion. The audit will include a “state of the database” analysis and recommendations for areas to address prior to conversion. Learn more…

Software Integration Assessment (SIA)

A customized evaluation, preferably conducted within 90-180 days of a software conversion or module installation, to ensure that the system, and staff, are functioning optimally and that appropriate business processes have been re-engineered. Learn more…

Advancement Operations Audit (AOA)

A 4-6 day examination and report on an organization’s advancement operation, with a focus on improving efficiency and verification of regulatory compliance. Recommended for any organization that has not had a similar review in over 5 years. Learn More..

Advancement Services and Campaign Management

John has authored, co-authored, or edited numerous Best Practices documents for the Association of Advancement Services Professionals (aasp). To access those documents, you must be a member of aasp. If you are a member, please go to Best Practices Library – aasp ( and, after logging in, look for John’s efforts in the following categories. If you are not a member of aasp and have an urgent question on any of these topics, please call, email, or schedule a meeting with John by going to the Contact Us tab

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John H. Taylor Consulting, LLC

A leader in the field of Advancement, campaign management, and board development, John has helped organizations effectively manage relationships with constituents for close to 30 years. John consults nonprofit organizations around the world to enhance the operational aspects of development and advancement and assist them with strategic and campaign planning/preparation.

  • Review of advancement programs including all aspects of advancement services
  • Determining preparedness for comprehensive campaigns
  • Assessments of database utilization as well as the usefulness of all current advancement policies and procedures.
  • Develop and maintain effective database management policies
  • Pre-conversion systems assessments and post-implementation analysis

Awards & Recognition

  • FundSvcs wins Grand Prize LISTSERV Choice Awards – 2014
  • AASP Jonathan Lindsey Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012
  • CASE Crystal Apple Award for outstanding teaching

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